Passing by.


When she goes out into the world, that woman often becomes invisible.
When she gets pushed aside by shoulders, stepped on by feet, and stuck in between the lines, she feels like she’s not visible to the world.
So she hid in her room. The small room was soft and comfortable, like a nest to a bird that’s injured its wing.
In that space, that woman can breathe freely.
She never once missed the outside world or dreamt of it.

At least until now…
At least until now…
At least until now…
At least until now…

That woman believes that fate is when the thread of her heart connects quietly with another’s.
She thinks that invisible string is what allows people to feel and understand each other, even with the smallest vibration.
That woman feels uneasy when one heart suddenly gets mixed together with lots of different ones.
So, Fate, please—don’t pull my heart so hard…

(We are) souls in a state of arrested development.

(from « 이웃집 꽃미남 », translation by Dramabeans).

J'aime vraiment beaucoup quand on m'offre des fleurs ^^ Pile(s) de livres à lire.

2 thoughts on “Passing by.

  1. 9 février, 2013 at 18 h 53 min

    Entre gens secrets on se reconnait, on se comprend, on se serre les coudes. Le comble c’est lorsque les gens secrets se dévoilent entre eux. Et d’un coup c’est un secret partagé et c’est encore plus joli.

  2. 19 février, 2013 at 3 h 48 min

    C’est une jolie pensée que celle-ci, merci… !

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